modem login

on my qnx-server, i create user ‘user’ with no passwd and no profile
then i start modem login in within a ‘different user’'s .profile like this :
tinit -c “/bin/modem -b 19200 -g [file] -r 1 -P 10 -R 20” -t /dev/ser1 &
sin reveals active process ‘modem’

then i connect by dial-up from a windows machine (server type choosen is slip:unix connection)
modems connect, qnx provides me with a login
i login as ‘user’
i run a couple of commands perfectly well and then logout
i disconnect the modems
i cannot repeat the procedure !!

sin (on qnx machine) reveals no process ‘modem’ active any more
i ‘login ‘different user’’ on qnx machine, still no modem
i shutdown and ‘login ‘different user’’ again
i am able to remote connect/login one time only, as above

is it ok to ‘tinit’ as above ? (i posess the qnx utilities manual A through M only)
is there a way to get html-files served remotely ? http server works on the same machine via nic/crossovercable well.

regards helge

has anyone got his hands on a spare ‘N through Z’ qnx utilities manual ? i am prepared to bear all shipping and handling costs to germany in advance ! i just cannot run the upper half of an os only …

The doc is all online at

probably something else still has /dev/ser1 opened when tinit checks/tries to restart “modem”. tinit will check again in 60 seconds (-r option to tinit).

you can probably login qnx box via console and figure out who still has the serial port open.
“stty < /dev/ser1” should only say 1 open for stty itself. If there are more than one, You need to use “sin fd” etc to find out who has it open.
could it be your last command or your login shell is immune of SIGHUP?

i have not been able to test all of your proposals yet, bit i think i swallowed the ideas behind. for the time beeing, i would like to close the thread from my side herewith, unless i might find something interesting to the audience.

yes, i know where to find the docs, even downloaded some of them, but i have a very small bandwidth here, down to 2 kbit/sec, imagine me dloading my first qnx nc iso ! a book would be much easier to handle. i promise to post my inquiry in footnotes or in a different forum in future.

hmm, btw, how do you pronounce it :
SIGH - UP or SIG-HUP ? no joke this is a serious question, i am german !

thanks so far

I would thing SIG-HUP, since it means SIGnal HangUP, But how should I know, i am french !

My experience has been to pronounce it SIG-HUP. Not that I say it that often, but that is how I say it to myself.

/me goes away muttering SIG-HUP, SIG-SEG-V, SIG-…

the thought occurred to me when my wife emitted a SIGH (kind of a SIGnal, too, i must admit), when i told her that i am going to see into this modem problem for the ninetytwelvth time the other night.

in the meantime i checked the function of SIG… and i am surely on my way now to solve the problem with the help of your hints soon.

mario, i want to brush up my french. are there any qnx-related sites worth a visit in french ?


yes, that was the problem; which I sorted out right now.
thanks again