chmod - what gives?

I feel a bit silly about asking this, but I can’t get chmod to work on certain directories, when I do

chmod 777 cgi-bin

it says:

cgi-bin: Not supported.

If I do it in Photon ‘Inspect’:

Unable to change permissions of ‘cgi-bin’.

The same applies for chown.

I’m in root, and this only seems to afflict some dirs. I did a chkfs and there were no problems.

It’s a QNX filesystem, not ext2 or anything.

What gives?



It’s fs-pkg. Don’t worry, it’s gone with 6.3.0.

No fix for 6.2.1?

I hope there is going to be a free version of 6.3, or indeed cheap, $100 would be OK in my books.



You could probably copy all the files by hand and then slay fs-pkg, but I suspect that would be a hassle (and hard to maintain).

I certainly haven’t heard any rumours that would make me suspect that there will not be a NC version of 6.3, but it will still probably be a while since the NC version often is released at the SE/PE versions.