Light Weight Browser

Anybody know where to get a light weight 4.0 browser for QNX 621. I tried the Mozilla builds but too much memory requirements. I like Voyagers approach but only 3.2.

Or do we have to build our own…

Firebird is like Mozilla, but less bulk, bit unreliable though. Opera is pretty decent but only older versions are available for QNX. Dillo is alright, but I don’t think it’s HTML support is ‘all that’, but I may have too old a version.



Worse case, you can wait for Netfront in 6.3 - it is designed to be a light weight 4.0 type browser. In the end tho, I don’t think you will come close to finding a browser which is as small and fast as voyager. All the junk that needs to be in a 4.0 type browser is going to make it bigger and slower.

Check out the “minimo” project at
It is a scaled down mozilla browser for small devices. Screenshots of mozilla running on iPAQ are available here


Thanks Adrian for getting the latest mozilla / firebird to QNX !

Maybe you can give us “minimo” for QNX too ? ;)