VMWare & MPlayer

Has anyone gotten mplayer to work with 6.2.1 running inside vmware. I’ve gotten it to all install and run using SDL. The problem is that it can’t play any video files because it’s trying to switch modes and has an
SDL error that SDL failed to set video mode: ph_SetupFullScreenImage:PdCreateOffscreenContext(back).

Anyone have any suggestions. I’m using the vmware unsupported beta video driver.

I’d say that it’s because the “unsupported vmware driver” does not support ‘offscreen’ graphics. nice to bring up the issue, but why even bother when you just can play your movies in windows? =)

Hmm, that’s probably it. I’m building a basic settop box to use as a media center on my stereo. It’s currently in place and running with a bunch of windows apps but I want to do it a little more seamless and use custom interfaces. I want to use VMWare so I don’t have to stop using it as it is at the moment and could test different environments and code without having to reload that machine a lot. Purely for development and testing. But I see now I have to use a full machine to do the tests.

Thanks anyway though.

I thing vmware make a nice platfrom for development, but for testing it sucks. Performance for thing such as video will be real bad, not to mention real-time which is non existant ')