QNX N00B needs help

Hi all just installed QNX, was wondering if I can get some help it would be greatly appreciated, The Question is on drivers and which ones to use, I installed QNX on an MSI NForce2 Mobo with onboard sound in linux I use the snd-intel8x0 for alsa and the i810_audio for oss, QNX did not recognize it so I did it manually “slay -f io-audio” “/sbin/io-audio -d i8x0” still no sound any help on that situation would be great. I also have a Radeon agp 9200 video card, QNX recognized it as VGA and VESA, so again I did that manually by editing the advanced tab of the graphics configuration utility to use the radeon.so success with that as photon comes right back up but I dl’d the unreal tournament demo and the game itself uses QNX software rendering :::sigh::::: so is there any possible way I can get 3D accelleration with my radeon. Thank You all in advance QNX looks great just need to fix these problems…

3D acceleration is only supported on 3dfx Voodoo card.

If you “slay -f io-audio” that kills the audio driver.