QNX DEMODISK – WORKING method of getting Shell, FTP, flopp

Finally, I forced myself of putting these instructions on the net. This is the simplest way of getting control over QNX demodisk. It is easy. It is LEAGAL. No need of cracking and hacking. Everything is already prepared for getting SHELL, FTP mounting floppy and consequently launching any QNX4 Photon or terminal program on it. I was so surprised, that nobody noticed it before… IT IS POSSIBLE!

The instructions are here:

Mostly because people are using QNX6. :slight_smile:

demodisk version 6.x, does it exist?

Not as a floppy demo - but then you can download the whole OS as an evaluation - and when the evaluation period ends, you still have a very very functional system available for non-commercial use.