How to detect a ISA card in QNX


Now I wanna wirte a program of a motion contorl card of ISA bus.While I use "pci -v "command,there is no information about this card. I am not sure QNX system can detect this card or not.Then i write a simple program to test this card.I just write some data to the port of the card.
I use the out16() function. While I run the program,QNX show the message “Memorry fault (core dumped)”.Now I don’t know how to solve this problem. Could someone give me any suggestion?Thanks a lot~~

First you need to use ThreadCtl function and to have root privileges to access to the base address. Look at the information about the function.

After that, use the mmap_device_io function to access to the device with
the base address of your ISA card (you dont need to use pci -v).

After doing all of that you can use the out and in functions.

I hope it helps.

PCI has auto-config as a feature, ISA does not. The pci command has no way to find an ISA card.

I have just found a QNX’ utility which is similar pci utility.
-Open Terminal and type :