1000 Mb network adapter Supported

Does any one know if there is a 1000 mb cat5 nic supported by QNX OS please
let me know


Rick Nieves

On x86 we support Intel’s GigE chipsets. We also support a couple of the GiGE devices built into the Marvel PowerPC chipset.

Ok Thanks for the input, as far I can understand they are a few drivers available for some Intel gigabyte card but I am not sure if the following card drivers work with this particular version QNX 4.25

Intel GigE chipset 82545EM also know as model: PWLA8490MT
Intel GigE chipset 82540EM also know as model:PWLA8391

(This is all supported hardware on the qns.com web site)

Any info Please

Rick Nieves

QNX4? I am not sure of any drivers for QNX4. I was speaking about QNX6.

There are no 1Gig driver for QNX4, nor will there ever be. 1Gig would required lots of work to the FLEET protocol. That being said QSS has a driver that can work with TCP/IP/QNX4. If you are interested send me an email at mcharest at zinformatic dot com. and I’ll put you in touch with the right people (they will probably be money involved)