Debugging with Momentics

Hi there,

I’m a new user of the Momentics IDE. I have to locally debug a program on a Windows XP host. I just tried to create a C/C++ project (“hello world” like) and debug it. I read the user guide, viewed training videos but i’m still missing something… Everything is installed on my machine…

So, i create and build the project (debug target too). I click “debug” / “C/C++ Application”, i then select APP_g (x86).

Since the program need no arguments, i don’t provide any. I also leave working directory empty so it should use the root directory. When i hit finish, it switches to the Debug perspective and the message:
@directory\APP_g: Don’t know how to run. Try “help target”.”

I’m using R1.0 of Momentics…

So i’m sure the solution is easy but i just didn’t find it yet… Thanks in advance for an answer!


Momentic can only build QNX6 executable, hence you can’t debug locally on a Windowx XP machine ;-) You can only do it if the host is QNX6.

Well, at least i know i’m not too bad… I wanted to try it locally because i had trouble with my RPXlite target… I’ll focus on that now!