how to enable hyperthreading ?

I ve try to make hyperthreading available on qnx 6.2.1
My hardware is :

  • ASUS P4PE compatible HT
  • AwardBIOS HT:enable
  • P4 3.06Ghz

When booting on a PC Windows XP TWO processors are detected
BUT QNX doesn’t see the second logical processor

I have booted on a smp image of qnx :

  • the file procnto-smp is present in directory proc/boot/
  • pidin in prints only one processor
  • the cpu meter only displays one processor
  • printf("%d",syspage_ptr->num_cpu) gives 1

Wow can I make it work ?



If you enable HT in the BIOS that is all that is required. However, I know there was an issue at one point with how some BIOSes enumerated the multiple CPUs. Are you running 6.2.1 or 6.2.1B?

I have installed 6.2.1(PE)

Ok I have installed 6.2.1B and it works now !

Thanks for the help