Running linux binaries

Is there an emulator to run linux (or windows) binaries on QNX?

Nope. I made a fairly serious effort to get wine running, but ran into a fairly solid wall. The mechanism they use to “hook” into the windows dll’s does not work in QNX, so it would be a fairly significant effort to get it to work (if it is possible at all).

I did get bochs up and running - I had win98 running in it. But my 1.6G P4 ran about as fast as a 20Mhz 386. It was alright for simple things, but I never went anywhere with it.

The only linux emulator I was aware of was lxrun and it doesn’t appear to be actively developed/support (I could be wrong). I never really tried to get it running.

On the other hand, you can load linux shared objects as long as they don’t do any system calls. This limits the usefulness, but I did take some linux math sharedlibs and used them in QNX.

Lxrun doesnt compile under QNX, and the developper stopped working on it. I heard somewhere a rumor about a windows emulator compiling under QNX, it’s probably wine. However, if the performance drops that much, it won’t be any use to me.
I’ll try moving some linux libraries under QNX and see if anything works.

Wine does compile (and if it worked, it would be fast enough because it runs the native code) but it doesn’t run. :frowning: Boches is a true emulator, and it does run, albeit slowly.If you have source to the libraries, most stuff compiles and runs fairly easily.