Creating a bootable Image for Disk On Chip with v6.2.1NC

Is this possible?

I am interested in experimenting with QNX on a small autonomous robot. The main CPU is a Elan SC400 based PC104 SBC. The board has 32 Meg RAM and a 32 Meg Disk On Chip. I can increase the RAM and DOC if needed.

From what little I know, the “mkifs” utility was dropped in v6.2.1NC but it is still present in v6.1NC. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


It’s not possible with QNX 6.2.1NC
Here is a bit history:
Back in the early days of QNX 6, there were no differences between the commercial and non-commercial (NC) version. So there was actually no such thing as NC version at that time. Things changed with the release of QNX 6.2.0. Only a stripped-down version of QNX called NC is available for free download.

So, if you want a full version which is free, you can get QNX 6.1.