How can I make a image from a qnx partition?

Hello guys,
We want to make a image from a qnx (2.x and 4.x) partition.
Which sw can this? We test Drive Image, Ghost, HDCopy and Acronis True Image. All sw can’t restore the partitions on a different hdd.
After the restore is the partition not bootable.
Thanks for help.

  1. You can use ghost to create a disk image instead of a partition image, or put the two HD togeter on one machine and copy from disk to disk.
  2. If your really want to use partition restore, you can do that with ghost and then you can try to boot from qnx floopy or CD and use:
    dloader /dev/hd0 pc1 to reinstall the boot loader.

OK :smiley:
We test it.

One question: how I create a QNX-boot-floppy?
Sorry for that, but we are beginners on QNX :open_mouth:

If you are using QNX2 or QNX 4, the boot floppy came with your purchase. If you are using the free QNX 6, you can download the bootable CD for free. Check Download section on the left navigation bar.