devu-ohci options

I need to use the -i option for the devu-ohci command but there is no information on what this argument is apart from something to do with interrupts. Could anyone tell me what it does and what the parameter is I should give with the -o command.


I don’t see such options in the docs of QNX 6.2.1 … -ohci.html

Don’t know if it is a document oversight, or you are using a version newer than 6.2.1

There was a thread on the newsgroups about this - apparently they are undocumented options to use on machines with no pci bios. One would assume -i takes the interrupt number that you would normally see from the pci server.

ha, missed this one.
rick is right that those options are for use with no PCI bus systems.
devu-ohci -a[base address] -i[interrupt]

per Jay Greig, it has been filed as a problem report (#17477) but knowing QSS, it probably won’t be fixed in the upcoming 6.3 :frowning:
6.3 beta testers, please do a “use devu-ohci” and let us know if the usage is updated.

Elsewhere I have seen that the -i option is the interrupt vector address. ARM based processors only have the one interrupt so this can’t be the location thats needed. I assume that this interrupt calls a generic QNX interrupt handler that identifies the source and has its own vector table that it uses to call appropriately registered interrupts. Is this the case and if so where can I find the information on this table.


I’ve just read the QNX documentation on interrupt handlers and look like I got it
completely wrong. From what I can gather all ISR will register with the same single
ARM ISR vector then all ISRs will be scheduled when any interrupt occurs and it is up to the ISR to
decide if its device was the source of the interrupt. So the -i option should specify the location in memory of the single ISR vector.

If someone can confirm this is correct that would be great.