'xpdf' in a phditto-session?

Is there any possibility use ‘xpdf’ in a phditto session?

why would that be necessary?
xpdf is an X application and as long as you have XPhoton running on local node, you can easily do "export DISPLAY=… " on the remote node to redirect the xpdf display to the local node.

I don’t know. Can you run other X11 apps via XPhoton using phditto/phindows?

Or if you are in Windows, get an Xserver for windows (there are several out there) and use the windows box as an xterminal.

If you are in Windows, VNC viewer is also a solution and you don’t have to install the whole X server on the windows. Just make sure you have VNC server running on the QNX box.

Thanks for all your replies!

Redirecting the X output to other X-machines works, of course.

But actually I really need the Photon stream on a pure MS-Windows machine,
without any special installations.

I thought, I could start another XPhoton, that connects to my private /dev/ph
and simply provides another DISPLAY.

Any chance to do something like this?

Don’t know if XPhoton can do that. You could read the XPhoton source at sf.net/projects/openqnx and see.

Personally, I would suggest using VNC from openqnx.com/PNphpBB2-viewtopic-t1709-.html