QNX4 license

What is the best way to transfer the old QNX4 licenses? I know you can put them on a floppy disk using the license utility and then ship it. Is there a way so that you can email/ftp the license files in /etc/licenses directory to another location on the Internet?

In the early days of QNX4, QSSL made the license transfer very difficult but then changed their attitude. Starting QNX 4.24 (or maybe 4.25), the license is just an ASCII string appended to the /.licenses file. If you are having those old licenses in the /etc/licenses directory as magic tiny files, you may be able to talk to your sales rep to convert them to the new format. If that can’t be done, there are two workarounds:

Use the “license” utility to transfer the license to the floppy disk, and then create a disk image of the floppy disk. The image file can then be emailed/ftped to a remote site, and restored to a new floppy disk.

There is also a tool (Igor, or someone else wrote it) posted on quics a few years ago. The tool can convert those magic small files in /etc/licenses directory to normal files. They can still be recognized by the nameloc (license server), and you can freely email/ftp those files as normal files. If you don’t have quics access to the old post archives, I am sure other people can help you.

I developed a method for packing in old style qnx licenses:

  1. run “Efsys.ram -b 16 -m0,2048k,/ramdisk,/dev/ramimage &”
    It creates “/ramdisk” directory and a “/dev/ramimage” device.
  2. run “license /etc/licenses /ramdisk”
  3. run “mkffs -o /tmp/oldlicenses /ramdisk”
    It creates the “/tmp/oldlicenses” image-file, wich can be copied
    even via internet or CD.
    The installation method is the following:
  4. run “Efsys.ram -b 16 -m0,2048k,/ramdisk,/dev/ramimage &”
  5. run “cp /tmp/oldlicenses /dev/ramimage”
  6. run “license /ramdisk
    license -r”


 Thanks very much..  Works like a charm.


Just curious
What is the mkffs in step 3 for?
I’m doing a “cp /dev/ramimage /tmp/oldlicenses” in place of mkiffs and this works also.

how can I copy the image-file into a CD?
Is there any QNX command to do it? or maybe have I to get a device driver?
is it possible?


One think that is for sure is you can’t do it from QNX, QNX4 doesn’t support writing to CD.

There is a program that can help you biuld an ISO file that you can use from Windows to write the CD. I think it’s called mkiso (somehow that looks wrong) but that may be only for QNX6.

You can use the El torrito standard which allows for a floppy disk boot image embedded into a bootable ISO9660 CD rom image. You can download the mkisofs utiltity for QNX4 from ftp.qnx.com (I can post a copy if you cant find it) and supply a boot image taken from a floppy disk with that.

so you end up with a .iso file you can copy over to windows and burn using “burn image” in nero or similar.

Hi gubbe, if you post a copy here I´ll be very greatfull.
I hadn´t found it.


Here is the source, I have a precompiled binary if this is no use to you.

Thank you very much.