6.2 CD Will not boot

Hi all,

I burned the ISO image (2 different times on 2 different CD brands) using Nero “Burn Image”. I can see all the files and run the CD from Windows, but when I try to boot off them all my drive lights come on and blink and it does not do anything. Any thoughts?

The machine is an old IBM Penitum 233MMX with 32MB RAM. I can boot other CD’s from the machine so I know it works.

Did you check the checksum? Because the TOC (Table of Contents) is valid, it doesn’t mean the rest of the CD is any good. Did you burn the same file, two times, or download it two different times.

I did not check the checksum, but I did extraxt the whole thing into a directory, so I know the ISO is good. I downloaded one copy from QNX.com and one from this board. Same size, same results.

I am able to make the boot floppy with both, however it freezes at either the .altboot prompt or with the following message:

Press the space bar to input boot options…
Deceted EIDE. Scanning for devices.
/.diskroot file for root not found on any filesystem.
Starting with safe mode
Unable to locate fs-pkg

depending on whether or not I hit ESC.

Check the checksum. CD’s are funny because the TOC just says each file is this collection of blocks - extracting it doesn’t prove much more than listing the TOC.

The error messages says it couldn’t find a valid file system and the CD should have been one. This means you either have a bad cd drive, or a bad cd.

Ok, checked both md5sums and they are dead on. Any more ideas :slight_smile:

To see if it is the problem of the CD or your old machine, why don’t you put the CD on another newer machine (with more RAM) and see it boots.