Transfering files from qnx to windows


I’ve got a bunch of raw image captures from a framegrabber (a few 100 actually) and I want to transfer them to windows machine to work with them there.

I don’t have internet access on the qnx machine (because the university network admins won’t let me on until I can convince them qnx is at least as secure as windows - if anyone’s got any good arguments on that, please let me know).

Otherwise are there any easy ways to do transfers over lans, serial connections etc (both machines are standard desktops with regular bells & whistles, serial, ethernet etc) I just don’t know what software is equivelant to hyperterminal (from my understanding qtalk is text file only, correct me if I’m wrong).

Brent T.

FYI: Theres no cd burner on qnx, and they are located across campus, so the floppy disk & walking solution is out of the question

I don’t quite understand your situation. Are you saying you have LAN access? That should be enough for you to transfer files internally on the LAN. There is really no need for the Internet access if all you need is to transfer files among machines on the LAN.

Ya, its not really standard, I don’t have a lan connection right now, but if I bring in a windows machine, I could then set up a direct connection lan and with some fancy footwork that would likely get the job done.

However, I’ve never networked from a windows box to a qnx machine. How would one go about doing this in terms of software (will the files just appear as a network node in windows?? - if not what can I do)


Once you got a LAN connection to the QNX box, you can setup tcpip on QNX and then either do ftp to transfer files, to install samba on QNX to make apparea as a network node in windows.

This is not really a QNX question anymore. You could just read the samba FAQs out there.