Java under Neutrino

Hello to All

I have been struggling with the small problem of getting J9 running on a custom system I am building in particular I was having major problems launching applets from Voyager.
I seem to have it running now, in as much as the pages are served correctly and I have rectangles where the applets should be (believe me this is progress!).
Obviously the applets are not running correctly, they run fine when viewing the site from another QNX system (full CD install) but not my system.

I figure that I am missing some basic classes, but I have no way of knowing which ones are missing.

On a winduz system we have a java console and an applet viewer, does anybody know of simmilar tools for a QNX system?

perplexed in the UK :confused:

You will probably have to wait a bit :frowning:
The in-house QNX java expert cdm is on the road right now, check his blog at qnxzone:

bren - Talk to your sales rep. We have a document on setting up j9plugin in an embedded system.

Hi Chris

I have read the document and am working with the guys in support.
Unfortunatly things are a littl slow as they are so busy.
I was really just fishing for another angle on the problem.
I am at the stage where it appears that everything is set right but the j9pluging wont run (I have boxes where the applets should be), but the j9 plugin isn’t running.

I think that the real problem is that there is still a lot of inconsistency in the java distribution and the Neutrino run time, evry thing works just fine on a CD installed system with Eclipse in place but not with the J9 bundles installed as described in the docs.

It is just as likely that it all should work and I have made a dumb mistake somewhere, but wiht absolutly no feed back from the jvm it is anyone’s guess where the error is.

So if you or anyone else out there has any tips on diagnosing this error, I will be only too greatful.



Well, you shouldn’t be using the java stuff from a QNX install. You should be using it from an install of the WSDD (websphere device developer). That is what the docs will be built around.