Simple Setup Guides?

Being a new QNX user I found it difficult to find information on getting third party programs up and running. I look at the HOW-TO as too detailed for some new users, and most people what to simply get a product up with the basics. For example samba while fairly easy to setup, it can be complicated to someone who just wants simple printing, or a share.

I guess my point is… Is the right site for simple setup guides for the QNX newbie? Could there be an area for this? I would be willing to contribute.

Just a thought as a wait for 1.6TB of data to migrate… :unamused:

Glad to see people are willing to contribute. If you look at the left bar, you will see the “QNX Wiki”, this is where everyone can contribute. It is in wiki format so every registered user can edit the document.

PS: if you do contribute, don’t forget to put your name in the “Credits” section.

PPS: you can also contribute to the Downloads section, and add more items for the software you know of.