Doing parallel IO with QNX 6 ??

Is it possible to do IO (parallel port) more easily than with this kind of stuff :

out8(0x378, 0xff);

I see that devctl can do this, but I don’t have informations to use it…

Can you help me ??
Thanx !!!

The devctl’s talk to the parallel port driver which isn’t necessarily what you want. If you are just doing bit twiddling, how can it get any easier than out8()?

On a project we worked on, we tried to use par driver, but because we were using all the io lines we could find, the par driver didn’t work. It makes assumptions that certain lines have certain meaning (which are of course true for printers)but we chose to use the lines differently.

In fact I’ve heard about this problem with par driver… you right, I want to do bit twiddling to control a device !

But I have another question :
with parallel port, I have 17 IO bits : 12 output(0x378) and 5 input (0x379 and 0x37A), I can use these bits as I want ? In other words, can I use an input in place of ouput and vise versa ?
(I want to control a robot with 8 output and 8 intput)

Thank you :wink:

answerd in another post: