QNX4 - Supported CPU


I’d like to install QNX 4.25 on a new PC. I checked the supported hardware list on the qnx website… I am not sure that the last Intel CPU generations (Pentium Xeon for instance) are supported. Does anyone have a clue about that?
Thanks for the answer to a qnx newbie :slight_smile:

I’ve seen people running QNX 4 on Xeon without problems.

Yes I have used a Xeon cpu with little problems on a Dell PE6650. The system would hang on an cpu error when you do an shutdown,shutdown-f and shutdown-b :wink: . In the boot file I put in the -b2 on the Proc32 (-b2 port 0x92, keyboard, cpu ) for the shutdown and had no other issue.

Also run fine on P4 (Northwood/Prescott) and AMD64