PXA255 CPU ??

Again a question :laughing: , I know… ask a lot… but qnx is became a real passion for me :wink: !

I’d like to know if the PXA255 is supported by QNX (and for development)… I know that PXA250 is.


If you do a search of “PXA255 qnx” on google, you will see some vendors selling PXA255/QNX solutions.

Yes, the 255 and other XScale family members are supported.

Thanx, another CPU : the Geode GX1 is a x86… that means it is supported by QNX ?? Because it is not mentionned on qnx.com

Sure, the GX1 is supported. General rule of thumb is that if it is an x86 with a BIOS it will boot QNX.

I’ve not found any PXA255 support by QNX. Is there any PXA255 BSP or development suite?

The 255 and 250 are basically the same CPU. The only big difference is they fixed the cache bugs that made the 250 such a dog performance wise. :slight_smile: As for a specific 255 BSP, I am not sure.