PCMCIA, card not showing up in pin

I’ve got a PCMCIA WiFi card in my PCMCIA slot, but ‘pin’ does not list it. devp-pccard is running, but as the card does not a ‘power’ LED, there is no indication of it being alive at all (although it is recognised by a Powerbook, so I think it’s OK).

Is there any other progs or anything I can try to verify that the card is recognised?



run “devp-pccard -vvvv” and check “sloginfo”.

Thanks for the tip noc, but I’m afraid it means nothing to me as a relative newb…

In sloginfo I get:

Feb 18 22:19:05 2 18 0 Timer expired 3
Feb 18 22:19:05 5 18 0 GetStatus Socket 0 returned CardState 0 - CtlInd 0 - State 0 - IREQRouting 0 - IFType 2

repeated 4 times, except the 'Socket can change between 0 and 1, does CardState 0 mean it thinks there is nothing in the slot? Any ideas?



Before we go any further, I assume the controller slots worked for other cards in QNX ? Also, have you verified whether your wifi card uses one of those supported chips (orinoco, prism)? Can you post “pin” output?

One other thing you can try is to slay devp-pccard and start it with different irq and/or ioport ( -l and -a I believe, “use /sbin/devp-pccard” for details).

BTW, you might also want to check your PCCARD bios settings (if there is such thing in your BIOS) to make sure it is set to 16-bit).

Thanks for the 16-bit tip, it now shows up in ‘pin’! Output is:

Sock Func Type Flags PID Base Size IRQ
1 0 Memory C—MF±–X–SAW 69648 0xfe00 256 11
0xffeffa00 512
1 Empty ----MF---------- None
2 Empty ----MF---------- None
2 Empty ----MF---------- None

That’s where the good news ends though, seems the card is based on the Realtec chipset which I don’t see as being supported. :frowning:

I think I’m buying another card…

Thanks for the help, noc.

Ha, “Memory Card”.
That’s the synonym of “unsupported” card as I heard.

Guess you will have to buy a new card :frowning:

Just wondering, if I got one of those PCMCIA adaptors for MMC cards, would I be able to read/write to it for use on a Palm Tungsten? Or is a matter of waiting for USB mass storage support in 6.3 (already waiting with baited breath!)?

WiFi cards don’t cost what they used to, so not the end of the world.


Can you tell me, What kinds of PCMCIA it support?
I have a “Disk Card”, can I drive it under qnx 6.21?


Sock Func Type Flags PID Base Size IRQ
1 0 Disk C—I-±-X----- 77839 0x300 16 5

It’s “PCMCIA adapter for CompactFlash Card”.
How can I use it, or never ?

Your “pin” shows it’s a disk, so that’s a good sign :slight_smile:

Now you just need to start devb-eide with the right options so that a disk device will be created in /dev and then you can fdisk/dinit/mount the disk.