How to make Eclipse faster?

I have P4 2.4Ghz HT but the Eclipse is running very very slow… The window is refreshing too slow (espetially editor)… I installed the alternative VESA graphic driver… So now all Photon windows are redrawing very fast, but not the Eclipse… What I have to do to rise the Eclipse redraw speed?

Not much can be done, are you using the latest version (6.2.1)? Speed has been greating improved going from 6.2.0 to 6.2.1. You should also get a supported card with native driver. I’m guessing that will help.

That prolly means that Eclipse is going even slower than with the original driver. The way the tweeked driver works means it can impact speed in the wrong direction too. :frowning:

Another possibility is the slowness is caused by the fs-pkg filesystem, just as lots of people complained about gcc, etc. It is said that QNX 6.3 will not have fs-pkg anymore, so you may get a boost there :slight_smile:

nah, the trouble is that Eclipse (SWT) is abusing things. And since you are using an unaccelerated driver you are going to feel the pain worse then others. Hopefully this will be improved with 6.3.0, but I would recommend getting a supported video device if you plan on doing eclipse work under Photon.