I was able to get VIM 6.2 to build under QNX4, unfortunately the Photon section is to dependand on Photon 2.0 feature to be usable for now.

Anyway the text version seems to be working ok ,but the color are all screwed up. I wonder if anybody got that working. (kind of scary stuff to debug)

  • Mario

mario - is it that the colours are byte swapped? (bgr instead of rgb)?

If the problem is with colours being reversed, look at src/syntax.c, search for the two #ifdef QNXNTO sections, change it to use QNX and see if that helps.

I’m not sure how to describe how the color are screwup. For example when I start vim the text is in red. I loaded the color test, red is green and there is no white for background only lite gray.

I’ll try Kinners’s suggestion if that doesn’t work I’ll see about posting a screenshot


Kinners: I am forever in you dept ;))) That did it!

Maybe one day I’ll take a stab at the photon stuff.