syslog across network?


We’d like to run one syslog daemon on the master node and have
the other nodes log to that syslogd. I thought setting the SYSLOG
environment variable on the client nodes to the master node,
e.g. export SYSLOG=master, would be enough, but
“logger log message from client”
doesn’t write anything to the syslog file on the master node.

Any ideas?


If I understand correctly, QNX’s syslogd comes from BSD, which should use the same mechanism for network logging. eg: if you want to send “notice” level logging from client to a server called “master”, you need also to run syslogd on client and have the following in the client’s /etc/syslog.conf file:

*.notice @master


Any ideas on where the QNX slog fits into the picture? It’s documentation says it catches the syslog info but nothing else is said about the relationship.

It does not fit anywhere. slogger writes into a circular ram buffer and can also dump it to a file, but not over network. Unless you give it NFS-mounted file ;)

It’s pretty simple to do the logging over the network. You just have to symlink /dev/slog and /dev/console to the master slogger node.

cd /
ln -sP /net/master/dev/slog dev/slog
ln -sP /net/master/dev/console dev/console

Now any slogf() calls on that node will go to the master. I have not tried it but this should work just fine.