trouble with PhAB Builder

excuse me, but, i can’t find where write the code, only to put buttons and this… but, how i write the code? : \

thanks :smiley: :blush:

I have not got my QNX machine in front of me, so might be wrong, on the palette where you chose your buttons, there should be a tab called ‘Callbacks’, if there is not, you can open it by using one of the menus at the top. Once you’ve got the callbacks tab, you can click on a callback,for example ‘Activate’ which brings up a dialog, and you can create a new function to get called whenever the button is pressed. You can get this function to be opened in your text editor of choice by clicking the little white page button next to the name of the function.

The function will be in a file by itself in the folder YourProject/src.

Apologies if a little vague…


If you don’t want all your callbacks in different files (yuck!), you can use callbackname@file.c

There is plenty of documentation on how to use PhAB in the helpviewer…


a lot of thanks for the help


See you! ^^