Modem trouble...

I’ve recently moved to a place with only a phone line for internet access, so I went and bought a modem. Of course I can’t get it to work…

I’m pretty sure it’s a hw modem. The shop says it’s not a winmodem. The pci -v command shows all three ethernet cards, graphics and sound, but no modem.

It works under windows, and I could use win for internet, but I’m afraid my hair will turn gray and I’ll get a heart attack before long.

I’ve RTFM but couldn’t find anything, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Even if it is a winmodem, it should still be shown in “pci -v”. Are you sure it is not there? Is it ISA or PCI card?

General info:
If they are true hardware modems then QNX will support it. ISA and PCI hardware modems appear as a serial port. The default behaviour of the devc-ser8250 driver is to only look for com1 and com2 in their normal locations, it will not try to find a PCI serial port / modem. You should be able to run the “pci -v” command to find the actual io-port and irq settings for the PCI modem card and then manually start devc-ser8250 with those as options.

It’s a PCI card, and yes, I’m sure it doesn’t show. Which seemed kinda strange, as every other hw install I’ve done has been so painless it reminds me of my old Amiga. Maybe there’s just something odd with this particular modem. Thanks for the info!

You might want to try looking up the details of the main chip in the modem. Shop assistants will happily lie about such a detail. Mainly just because the person doesn’t know the real answer and hopes you won’t be back to complain. The sale is completed quickly and efficiently. Any other answer would prolly get him in the bosses bad books.

Personally, I get an external every time, just to be safe.

noc is right, pci -v lists every PCI device. Make sure the card is seated completely into the slot.


The modem is a “sort of a hardware modem, but it needs special drivers” according to the salesman… I wonder if the box fits up his, eh… Well, I’m getting an external one now, but do all external (RS-232) modems work? Or is there anything else I should have read in the manuals but didn’t?


in general, every rs232 - modem will work.

if not, the problem is not with qnx and the modem, but with the modem and your ISP. i suggest you buy a modem with a detailed manual to configure it properly for connection with your ISP (the manual should clearly explain the init strings for the various protocols etc.).

under the DIALER ‘modem’ configuration tab there is a space to fill in the intialization string.