Is it possible to Multiboot QNX 6.2 (non commecial) + Windows XP + Windows 98 on three different partitions without a boot loader with the Windows Xp boot manager alone?

sure, ed1k wrote an article on this:

Is it that the boot sequence of Windows Nt and XP are same? Ok i’ll try this out and will resolve if anything appears to work for me.



I was actually curious about this too… I currently have Win98 on my HD at the moment. But am looking to Upgrade to XP, also I will need to have Win2000 Server as well as QNX on it and was wondering what the best procedure for this would be. I currently have the Fat32 one for 98 (soon XP) a NTFS I will use for Win2000 Server. What type would be needed for QNX and which order should I go about with the installation?

Or a way to install it as application in an NTFS environment(2000 Advanced Server or XP)