PCI BUS 4-Port serial Board on QNX6

PCI BUS 4-Port serial Board on QNX6

I have a new PCI BUS 4-Port serial Board, plugging in to the computer, but when I reboot the machine, qnx hangs with the following message “/dev/pci did not mount”. The brand of the board is LAVA Quattro-PCI. Anyone knows how to fix it? Thanks.

I just changed the board to another PCI slot.
4 serial on Board, only two are detected in qnx…
anyone has similar experiences or knows how to fix it?

This is VERY strange, have you tried another board. Sounds to me like the board has a problem (the did not mount message being very odd)

Now only two are detected in qnx 6.2.1
There was no /dev/pci did not mount message at the booting.
Now the system can boot properly, however, using ls /dev/
only two serial port are shown…

I have used multiport serial boards of Moxa (ISA and PCI) with QNX.

In the following webpage, there is information about how to install the Moxa Card, but it can help you to install your card.


I hope it helps.

Thanks to Mario. Thanks to Drodriqueza. Yes, the above link is useful for anyone installing PCI-Serial board.

I see, I made the assumption you check for presence of serial port via show_pci.

I still don’t understand why changing slot affects the sucess/failure of /dev/pci, strange.

Can you reproduce the error by having the board in the first slot. If you do post on the newsgroup (news.qnx.com), the guy that wrote the pci stuff is monitoring it is always on the lookout for ways to improve reliability.

The reason why the first pci does not work is because the hardware spec says that if using vga display adaptor, it can not installed to the first pci immediately following the vga.