how to setup netcard driver inter pro/1000?

I buy one IBM computer,the type is T41-xf,but the QNX can’t find the netcard(inter pro/1000),how to do and where can I download the newest driver?

You just probably have to force the PCI device and vendor IDs to the driver. You can these values from the output of “pci” and then you can pass them into io-net.

slay -f io-net
io-net -d speedo vid=0x???,did=0x??? -p tcpip

I do just as you say :
1.slay -f io-net -d speedo vid=0x8086,did=0x101e -p tcpip

but the system is dead after I do it.

Intel gigabit ethernet is supported by the devn-i82544, but it is only
provided on 6.2.1 PE. not NC or SE last I heard.