editing panelgroup with phab


I try to edit a PtPanelGroup with phab,

  1. I create a panel group with 2 tabs
  2. When a drop a widget on a the panelgroup the widget float over all the panel objet whatever the selected tab is !

How to attach the widget to the right tab panel ?


If you select the panel group you can pick which tab is the one you are currently editing from the Resources window.

Yes I have noticed the current panel index in the ressources, the selction works, but when I drop a widget on the selected panel and test the UI, the widget float over all and is not set on the panel i have selected.

I have checked that when I begin from the New Window Style > Config window wizard which creates 3 tabs (General/tab2/tab3) this way to edit works. BUT when I change the tab labels every things I have previouly edited on the individual panels becomes overfloating. ANYWAY when I start from a new PtPanelGroup this not works at all.

Should I add some link information, at editing time, somewhere ?

You need to put the widget into the Pane you added to the panel group. Sounds like you are actually getting the widget as a sibling to the panel group rather then a child of one of the panes. Check the Widget Tree inside of PhaB.

Yes it seems like that but the stucture in the modul tree is correct :


… only the Button is visible floating over all, whatever tab is selected.
Is there any area to set which tab select which pane ?

Ok I ve found the error, I was editing the PtPanelGroup Panel Titles ressource to set tabs name, instead of giving individual Title to each PtPane Title, and it was doing this strange behaviour.

Thanks for the help