hello world

ok I am a long time listener first time caller and i have a bunch of questions.

  1. would qnx be a good descktop OS? 6.3 for example.
  2. when will it suport the Pegasos platform? is that in 6.3?
  3. how much does it cost?
  4. does it have any other good internet browser besides mozilla?
  5. do i have to compile everything from source or are there binary installers like window?
  6. could your average windows user use this operating system?
  7. can it do desktop icons?

and finaly I had regesterd a while back with the name “Poundsmack” and i can’t log on to it. could one of the moderators email me the password at Poundsmack@hotmail.com? it would be much apreciated.

thank you in advance for your answers

Welcome to the QNX world!

  1. Some people say yes, some say no. Why don’t you try it yourself? BTW 6.3 is not out yet.
  2. until cdm has some free time I guess.
  3. click the FAQ on the left for the price.
  4. voyager/netfront will be in 6.3
  5. you can find most of the precompiled binaries on the 3rd party application CD.
  6. well, try it out :slight_smile:
  7. I think so, take a look at atjulius’ desktop

as for lost password, you can click Login Problem link on the main page to reset it.

Depends on your definition of what a desktop is, personaly I think not.

What’s wrong with mozilla?

Definitely not, you have to be above average windows user :wink: Trying to get a USB mouse to work is a good example.

The desktop capability of QNX6.3 mostly stems from the community work, QSS is into embedded and that reflects in the OS :wink:

Not out of the box