how to port photon onto the target

Can any one help me how to port the photon on to the target with an example (i,e. .bld file ). Plz send me the reply asap .


can anybody tell me how to port photon on to the target.If i consider my system as the target and boot it from the seperate partition on the will be the build file???.
Thanx in advance,
deepak :cry:

That’s a VERY wide question, you don’t give enough details to give a precise answer: (which probably explain why you didn’t get an answer)

What photon feature you required? What’s the video card. What type of mouse? Does everything as to fit in the build file (as oppose to sitting in a file system). This is very delicate work, can take days to come up with the proper setup,

Please describe the problem in more detail. I may be able to help you.


mllleads, post is 10 months old ;-)