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[size=150]where shall i get a good guide for QNX programming ?[/size]

Y should i know about QNX ?

what is the real advantage of QNX ?

:unamused: karthik bala guru

I would say looking at the Documentation is a good place to start :smiley:



(and this site!)

The online documentation does a good job.


amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/ … theqnxc-20

That’s a philosophycal question :wink: My answer is: because it exists, or because you exist.

If you are into gardening, I’d say you don’t need to learn about QNX. But if you are into solving problem with computers and solution requires:

  • Efficient usage of hardware (both in resource and power)
  • Robustness
  • Scalability
  • Multi-plaform
  • Flexible design
  • Real-time
  • POSIX (for portability)
  • Don’t want GPL stuff,
  • Want a company that stand behind product
  • Are willing to pay 10k for a decent support plan
  • Are willing to pay 4k -8k for a commercial development seat
  • Don’t care too much for desktop functionnality (not your grandmother’s OS)
  • See all of the above
  • Microkernel
  • Same programming model for drivers and user program
  • Powerfull networking capability
  • Message based
  • Very robust
  • Uses gcc and can compile most of Unix source (Apache, MySql, etc)
  • Easy to customized for custom hardware (ex: iPaq).

You didn’t ask about the disavantages so I won’t talk about them.

Re-reading my post, that line gave made me itch. This is not a quote you want to use with QNX4 user. Seems for some love is blind, but now that it’s all about money they can rely on love anymore !!!

Sorry talking to myself I guess