QNX wont boot

the prob is: i installed qnxrtp 61 from openqnx.com under winxp on a fat32 partion that exceeds the 1024 cylinders…when i boot qnx it stops after saying creating abort timer or reset timer or something…any ideas?



If you install on FAT32, 1024 limit no longer matters. Your problem must be something else. Are you booting from floppy or some other methods ?

One thing you can play with is to hit SPACE during boot to set boot options, and disable some enumerator like plug-n-play, etc.

im using floppy, since win xo does not support the config…sys method.
when i boot qnx from cd without install it works however

you can create the boot floppy with or without DMA. Try both, one of them should work. I believe CD boot uses no-DMA.

BTW, you could use GRUB to boot QNX/WinXP in this case and no need for floppy :slight_smile: