Samba Limitations?

I installed Samba 2.2.3a on QNX 6.1. I created a new 85GB partition ( type 78 ) to share files. I discovered the limitations of 2GB file sizes, and 48 char file names. The one limitation that really is causing problems is that I only see the share a 11.6GB from Windows. I have over 80GB free on the partition. Is this a issue with the QNX partition? I don’t seem to remember this when running Samba on Linux. Would recreating the partition as FAT32 fix this?

Yes, these are limits of the qnx4fs. The filename one will be fixed in a future release. You can either use fs-ext2 or fs-dos to get a filesystem with different types of limits.

I really think is due for a file system update.

Beyond the two limitations mentioned (2GB and 48 chars) - there also are the entire repairing of the file system/handling of unexpected shutdown, which seems a little behind modern file systems.