Looking for documentation on QNX 3.21


a friend of mine asked me if I could help him with his server, because it was having some troubles. After looking at the server I discovered it was running QNX 3.21 (Quantum Software Systems Ltd. 1983,1989). Since I’m not familliar with this OS, and there is no documentation near it. I’m looking for some information/documentation regarding the following:

  • basic commands for moving around the system
  • where are the devices (are they getting mounted?)
  • can I mount the disk under other osses (Linux, MacOS X?)
  • what are system files (what location?)
  • where are the configuration files (how are they manipulated? editor?)
  • what is the editor
  • who is the administror (root equivalent)
  • etc…

So I’m really looking for a manual, is there one available online?

QNX looks (for what I saw) a little bit like Unix, some unix commands are understood, but I don’t want to poke around to much because it’s a production server (for about 8 years and different owners!!) and the last one standing :slight_smile:.

Then I have some ‘advanced’ questions:

  • is there somewhere a list of deleted files
  • can I recover deleted files?
  • is there something like a .bash_history?

I hope someone has some helpfull hints about this.



QNX3 is actually QNX2 for 386s (if I remember correctly). So you will be good to look for QNX2 docs as well.