ssh v1 for QNX v4.25. Trying to update and patch. (+)

I’ve got ssh v1.2.26 and I’m reading this security advisory regarding CVE-2001-0144.

The patch provided in the advisory refers to the ssh v1.2.31.

What do you think, is it “enough” to apply the patch to the deattack.c (which needs it in v1.2.26) to be a bit safer?
Where can I get all the intermediate steps to bring v1.2.26 port to the latest version?

It’s most likely gonna work.
On the other hand, it’s better just to compile the latest openssh for QNX 4. It’s been discussed in qdn.public.qnx4 on news:// in the past, and the detailed procedures/patches were posted.

I dunno why but I just can not reach news:// with Opera v7.23 (w98se)…
Are there any external repositories of the QNX “wizdom”?

Actually, I’d like to have the ssh v2 ported…

You need a browser (such as Mozilla ) that can understand NEWS NNTP protocol, or just news a normal newsreader (like “agent” for Windows) and point it to

Opera has NNTP client!
(It works well with other servers) people say that is offline now. It even does not reply to pings…

Everybody seems to switch to OpenSSH, I cannot find a homepage of ssh v1. What is/was the latest release? Is it v1.2.31? works fine for me in US.
telnet 119
Connected to
Escape character is ‘^]’.
200 InterNetNews NNRP server INN 2.2.2 13-Dec-1999 ready (posting ok).

don’t use “ping” to test it. they probably disabled ICMP and you won’t be able to ping it.

My fault!
I’ve subscribed to just one topic (qdn.public.qnx4) and in is empty with new postings blocked.

All other do work.

So, I must find an archive of qdn.public.qnx4 somewhere.

qdn.public.qnx4 is marked as read-only, but the old posts should still be in there (I just tried). You might want to play with your news reader a bit to make it show the old posts.

Thank you!
I’m trying to reconfigure the Opera v7.23, the Opera v5.12 did have a setting regarding the depth of "news"reading. I do not have it lately and there are no obvious settings in Opera v7.23… :slight_smile:

Be back soon.

Where to get omf2elf utility?

I don’t see why ssh has a relation to omf2elf :slight_smile:

anyhow, you can get omf2elf at

The setup script for gcc v2.8 needs it to convert some libraries…
Still can’t access those old postings.
Can you please mail relevant info to me?
Thank you in advance!

OK now - I’ve been shown a web backdoor to the qdn.public.qnx4 and found all the postings.

I’m closing this thead and continue the story here.