Dual booting with NTLDR or LILO

I’ve got Windows 2000 and QNX installed on my machine,
and I would like to dual boot with NTLDR or LILO.

This topic talks about it :

My 2 first questions are when using QNX boot loader and nothing else :

My first question is : with QNX boot loader, can we choose to boot
another OS than QNX by default ?

And the second : can we customize QNX boot loader ?

And my last question is when using NTLDR without having removed
QNX boot loader :

Why does QNX boot loader load before NTLDR ?

Yes, I believe whatever partition that is set to active will be the default.

not much, you can probably use “spatch” to modify the first few blocks of your harddisk to do some limited tweaks…

because the QNX loader is in MBR and NTLDR is on the NT partition itself.

I’ve found this article http://web.archive.org/web/20021219125044/www.qnx.com/developer/articles/jan1901/index.html
which explains how to make a custom boot image.

Yes you are right, it seems to be the active partition that is default.

Does that mean that QNX loader is a primary loader, and NTLDR a secondary loader ?