Using Fonts with Watcom 10.6

Maybe this seems a silly question, but that’s.
I do not find any font that could be catched by “registerfonts” instruction.
I need use graphics but I do not have a GUI like photon.
I have Qnx 4.2.5.
Does anyone know ehere I can find some fonts for this?
Thank you,

This very old stuff that’s been deprecated I beleive. My guess is the fonts were included in some older release of watcom (9.5 maybe).

From memory the watcom library stuff was EXTREMELY slow.

Why can’t you use Photon?

I need to use just a system that is without any GUI.
I am porting an old application from 4.22 to 4.25.
I was using a different graphic library, but now I have to use watcom 10.6, due to its ability to handle SVGA (previous version 9.5 with 4.22 was not able to do this at least on my board that is a custom one).
Yes, i am astonished by the very low speed I get, but I have to use it.
Thank you