QNX2 and Iomega Zip Drives

Help! We are a big user of QNX2 and have a number of systems out in the field on old computers. Since tape drives became unobtainable, we have converted to Iomega Zip drives (parallel port) in a big way. Now Iomega have “pulled the rug from under us” by suddenly ceasing to manufacture the parallel port zip drive!
Since QNX2 does not understand USB, the only device that could work is the ATAPI (IDE) interface internal drive. Has anybody produced a driver (disk.xxx) for this device? The drivers for the parallel port device (disk.plus) obviously do not work.
There is the possibility of money changing hands for anyone who has an existing driver or is prepared to write a driver for this device!

You might want to just try it with the normal disk.ata. If it conforms ATAPI spec, it should just act as a normal IDE disk.

I don’t check here often. I was made aware of your request so I thought I would reply. While we’re working on our new OS solution, I’m looking at using Arco’s DupliDisk 3 (3.5" bay version) device to automatically backup our standard ATA IDE drives. For our drives, we currently use a 3.5" bay Compact Flash to IDE device by Adtron. (See at: adtron.com/product_detail.html?id=4 ) They work great under QNX2! (Use 40pin cable though.)

I seem to remember disk.ata only working with standard ATA IDE drives, not ATAPI which, I believe, requires the OS and BIOS to be aware of ATAPI issues, etc. (See Mitchell at www.schoenbrun.com/mba for more information. He wrote disk.ata, I think. He also supplies the Zip driver.)

I hope this helps. Regards, George…

Here it is 2006 already and I am having this problem also (no driver available for an internal IDA Zip Drive on QNX 2.20). I e-mailed Mitchell at MBA, but it was rejected. Has anyone been successful with this application?

Mitchell is here on the forum as maschoen. Send him a PM and see.

Hi, Just an update. The poster wanted a QNX driver for the Zip-IDE drive. This drive is ATAPI, which was never supported under QNX 2, otherwise we’d have CD-ROM support.