How2 Compile linux apps?

This is a qnx/linux newbie question.
I have QNX6.2nc.

What QNX packages do i need to install?
and, how do i compile the linux sourcecode?

If you installed the Momentics NC package (bundle) have you did the base install you have all the base-level development tools. Probably a good idea to get all the GNU packges from the 3rd Party CD if you want to compile Linux apps. However, “linux apps” is a very broad term so you might want to get a little more specific.

Thanks for the answer, but i still have some other problems with my QNX install.
So could you just give a bref explanation on how to compile the type of linux programs that are the simplest ones to succeed with.

:slight_smile: I am a new user of QNX (and Linux also)(about 6 months) and I have the same problem as you. I give my point of view to your question.All depends on the program you want to compile. I find the most programms for Linux no easy to install for QNX (I mean, normally you have to change some lines of one file, comment other lines of another and so on).
Some programms are quite good adapted to QNX but other are no easy to install ( for new users ).

I have yet not found a programm (for Linux) that compile at first time
(without any change) for QNX, :frowning:

I think the best way is to install GNU packages and to compile with it or
to find a programm in qpr that someone have changed for QNX.

I dont know if you are asking about these steps. Could be they are too
basic. Anyway, I tell you what I know (not too much)

The basic steps are:

  1. ./configure

If the program works for QNX, it will detect your system and your platform and build a configuration file with all information about operating system and the platform you are using.

  1. make

To build all packages with the configuration file which was already built.

  1. When all works (no error), make install and the program copies all
    binary files to some default directories, so you can call them from any place.

I hope it helps (remember, I am a new user), :wink:

Honestly, I almost never have to change any lines of code. For example, I just built mut v1.4 and there where no changes required. Can you find poorly written apps that will only build on Linux? For sure! Take a look at the number of patches required to build many things on FreeBSD (/usr/ports).

Thanks, that was what i was asking for :slight_smile: