High cpu-load while moving windows

I am running qnx 6.2.1 for just a few days and I noticed that while moving a window a high cpu-load is caused and visually you can see this, too, because the moved window won’t redrawn instantly.
The same problem exists with FireFox: if I start to scroll down a webpage, the cpu-load is going to be 100%.

If I stop moving a window the cpu-load is going to be normal.
But if the cpu-load is very high, sounds played by any player are distorted.

I think it can be my graphics-adapter, but I’m not sure, because I don’t know how QNX 6.2.1 works inside :slight_smile: and I don’t know what can cause such a “lag”.
After some minutes this “lag” is going to be bigger. The normal cpu-load is raising to 30% without doing anything.
I think it’s time to tell you my hardware :slight_smile:.

My Hardware:

Processor: AMD Athlon K7 700 Mhz (Slot A)
Graphic: Elsa Erazor III Pro (TNT2)
Memory: ~392 MB // the system-information shows only 312, strange, eh?
Sound: on board (via chipset)

My computer has no special hardware, only one old isa-audio-card, but I don’t need this one.
In my first installation of QNX I encountered the same problem, but after some minutes this “lag” disappears, so it was ok, but now this “lag” increases minute by minute.

I can remember that the dialer-software has already caused a 100% cpu-load, but that was in another installation of QNX 6.1 (?) → I don’t know anymore.

If you are interested in my problem and if you are willing to help me than I would be very happy :slight_smile:.
For more details of my system I have uploaded the sysinfo, which is generated from the system-information-software of QNX.



Sincerely, Andreas Schipplock.

What is the output of…

pidin -p io-graphics mem

you can find the output here: andreas.schipplock.de/mem.txt

Well, there will be some CPU usage moving a window around, but I certainly don’t max out my CPU unless I am whipping the window around like mad. So if I understand you right, you are using an ISA based sound card?

no, I am not using this isa-card, but it’s installed in my machine :slight_smile: my soundcard, which I use is an onboard.
But I think I have found the reason, which causes my cpu to jump to 100%.
I think it’s the dialer. I have changed some settings and my cpu-usage is almost ok.
I played a bit with the dialer and I found out, if you press cancel while connecting, the normal property-editor is shown and the cpu-usage is at 100% an will stay there. Terminating the dialer-software will help.
But the problem while browsing exists :slight_smile: if I scroll down the site: high, higher, highest :slight_smile: If I stop scrolling all things are ok.

Thanks for your help.