ISDN card and internet connection


I’ve downloaded QNX version 6.2.1 and I tried it booting from CD.
I have a problem with the internet connection by ISDN.
Is there a way to get my W6692 based PCI card functioning?
Do I have to download a driver or do I need to configure something?

I’m also using Linux and Windows 2000 and the card is working.

Thank you.

I don’t think QNX supports this card, or any PCI ISDN cards. There may be some 3rd party solutions that you can purchase:

The only ISDN that QNX supports are the external ones that connect to the PC via serial port. They just act as normal modem that can understand standard AT commands. So you can use the normal QNX dialer to setup Internet connection.

Thank you noc for the reply.

I’ll use my external 56k modem with this OS. :frowning: