Photon in X

I would like to have phindows like functionnaly but from a Linux box. Solution has to work with both QNX4 and QNX6. I would very much like not to have to install X on QNX.

What are my options?

phinx - but I have no idea what they did with that product. It is Exactly Photon in X. It is an X application which runs on your local machine and talks to phrelay on the QNX machine.

Perhaps one of the QNX guys can say what happend to the product - or you can ask your sales rep about it.

I though phinx was a program running on the QNX4/QNX6 machine translated Photon stuff to Xwindows stuff to be transmitter to an X Server on any OS. That was I undertstood from the doc of the QNX4 version. It also seems to required XWindows install on QNX.

phinx went for free (for QNX 6), and you can find it in the 3rd party online repository for now. It will be included in the next 3rd party CD.

phinx is an X application, and you will need at least shared X libraries to run it.

If you want to run Photon apps remotely from other Unix, phinx is the ONLY solution.

And mario is correct, phinx is a QNX6 application. You install it on QNX, set your display to your remote X11 session and run phinx.

There is a “phinx” for QNX 4 too, though you have to pay $$ for it.

Are the source to Phinx on the 3rd party disk ask well. I mean if it gone free, it means it won’t be supported,thus in futur version of Photon/phrelay it may stop working. So it’s something I can dependent upon in a design, right?

nah, QNX 4 phinx is a commercial product and QSS still wants to make some money of it.
As for QNX 6 version, though it is free and on the 3rd party CD, the source code is not there. Dave Rempel has been working on getting the source opened. You will know the answer whether he’s succeeded or not once QNX 6.3 and the 3rd party CD from 6.3 are released.

Ok so I got phinx for QNX4 and XFree4.2. When I start phx in xterm (running on a QNX machine) I get:

Can`t open display: :0.0
Waiting for input the input driver to startup up… (this one appears about 10 times and then the phx scripts gives up)

telnet os rsh or ssh from linux to qnx, then:

$ export DISPLAY=mylinuxbox:0
$ phinx

I got a message saying “can’t connect with server, unknown protocol” (i’m at home don’t have the exact error message)

This is with X running on the QNX4 box.

I don’t think it is required to have X running on the QNX 4 box. What exactly is your setup? Linux and QNX 4, with X running on Linux and phinx running on QNX 4, right? On the QNX 4, can you “telnet 6000” ? On the Linux box, does “xhost” show <QNX 4 IP> in the allowed list?

One machine is running QNX4 and one is running LINUX.

I started X on QNX4 (wanting to remove the LINUX box out of the equation to make it simpler). At can’t get it started from either X on QNX4 or Linux.

I will run the test you suggested Monday.


It works, xhost did the trick!


I’m trying to do the same thing. phinx shows up on my Linux desktop, but won’ accept keystrokes.
I run phinx with -VVVV and terminal screen shows the following when I hit any key on the keyboard:

X event type 2.
pSend keypress ffffffff (81)
X event type 3.
rSend keypress ffffffff (80)

Any Ideas?


New development:

phinx will respond to control characters, as well as mouse events. It’s just normal characters that aren’t working!??!?!!?

Once phinx comes up, can you right click the phinx background to bring up a terminal (pterm) ?

I can do anything involving the mouse. Play games, change display settings, resize windows even bring up a pterm. And once a pterm is up, I can do a to exit. I can type something like ls (on my keyboard) but nothing happens on the ptem. I can, however, hit and a carriage return is sent. I don’t know what to make of the flakey behavior . . .