QNX 6.2.1 Nc VERY slow

Hello !
I’ve just installed QNX 6.2.1 NC, and I get somme trouble…
My mouse pointer move very slow, windows scroll slow (about 2 sec; between key stroke and move on screen) too…

I don’t think it’s normal, I’ve just installed the Os, and done nothing out of the convenience…

I use a desktop with

  • PIII 730Mhz
  • Geforce 4
  • cmpci integrated sound card
  • 2 hd
  • PS/2 mouse and keyboard
  • DVD and CD-R burner

Please, help me to get some speed !!

Thanks !

Parts of the problem might be the Geforce 4 graphic card, it’s not supported as a accelerated driver and therefor it fallbacks to the VESA/VGA driver which is slow :frowning:
Try evanh’s vesa driver that’s available at projects.qnxzone.com

VEGA is slow but not that slow (2 sec between key stroke) ;-)

If you have the patience run hogs, maybe it will tell you which process is using the CPU.

Sounds like 100% CPU usage!

I changed driver for svga, instead of vesa, and it is now better…

I’ll try evanh’s one as soon as possible .

Thank you !

I am nethertheless amazed by the fact that the graphic driver could so slow a computer…

I guess I wasn’t very descriptive there. I ment it looks like something else is using all your CPU so there is very little left for you or Photon. Is the usage meter showing 100% all the time?

no, it doesn’t.

Ah, I just had another read of your first posting, and decided you are talking about scrolling with the cursor keys, and yep, the vesa driver is bottom of the list for speed. And it doesn’t sound like Nvidia are offering to help any more so the tweeked vesa driver is going to be your best option for some time.

Photon has never been a speed demon. There are a lot of layers, with similarities to X11 I believe. And it is getting optimised in places.

Is the Geforce 2 also able to slow down the computer? I have an old PII 233 MHz MMX with a Geforce 2 and there exists the same problem as described above. Right next day I will check this by replacing the card with another old 16 MB-Card…perhaps it will run better. If so, I will delete Mandrake from the old Pentium-Machine :slight_smile:

The tnt driver often works with the gforce and gforce2. You may have to edit the choosen driver in the “Advanced” option. Replace -dldevg-vesabios.so with -dldevg-tnt.so

Indirectly, yes! If you are using a pterm (and pterm isn’t known for it’s fast rendering speed!), and are using makefiles with lots of output, this can slow down a fair bit.

However, compiling also is rather slow on QNX because of fs-pkg. (which is no-more in 6.3, so whooho!)