qnx support website

i recently found out that it is a little bit complicated to click my way through to the ‘old’ www.qnx.com/support/ knowledge base website, and now it seems not to offer any reference to v6.x any more.

as the above was a truly helpful source of information to me, can anyone tell me whether this site has been moved (and where to), or if someone has a complete download of it for sale/free.

i don’t think i should have to post a lot of questions that have been answered there before.

thanks helge

i forgot to ask :
does anyone know whether the remaining files will be removed too ?

rgds helge

Maybe that’s where http://www.archive.org might come useful to you :smiley:

I don’t know what your url was, as it seems a bit buggy, but you should be able to see the old pages…

Bill ( www.qnx.com site lately. I am sure this is one of the things they over looked. Just shoot them an email and they should be able to fix it in no time.