Printing to QNX

I have a HP P1100 print connected to my QNX server via Parallel. From QNX I can print all day long works great. But I am unable to print reliably (lpd) from a remote client. The strange thing is I can print from Windows once and it prints fine, but the next time it just ejects a page. When I print again it is fine. It does this same thing when using Linux as a client. My guess is after it prints the first time it is leaving something behind. I shutdown the printer between jobs, but it will still eject a blank page every other print, so it shouldn’t be the printer buffer. The spool directories are empty after each job and lpc status is fine. I keep thinking I am missing something in the printcap, but I have tried about every option. I also keep ending up with (2) lpd running, even though I only start it once. Below is my startup, and my config files.


#spooler -d/dev/par1
#lpd -n


the fact that you have 2 copies of lpd running means your computer is still talking to the printer. the way lpd works is there is a master lpd and then it spawns additional copies to deal with each print job. the spawned lpd will go away once the print job is done. I am surprised your spool directory is empty because lpd only cleans it once the print job is done. Something is not working right here. It could well be a bug in the qnx’s lpd package :frowning:
BTW, during your test, were you printing text or the raw (PCL, Postscript, etc) files?